Cultural studies literary analysis

Literary and Cultural Studies gives you access to historical and emergent traditions of literature, culture and thought.

cultural studies literary analysis

Through critical interpretation and dialogue, cultural studies literary analysis can see how language mediated through texts arranges and allows different ways of knowing and living. In the process you will read some of the greatest wordsmiths and thinkers in the English language. The study of literature and culture provides you with invaluable skills in writing, thinking and expression.

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These proficiencies in communication and perception are powerfully flexible and adaptable, preparing you to think creatively and innovate across diverse scenarios. Students who select the Literary and Cultural Studies concentration may wish to focus their coursework in a particular subject area. Possible cultural studies literary analysis clusters include, but are not restricted to:.

Students are encouraged to pursue and build their own interests through clusters in other areas and topics. Undergrad Program. Prospective Students. Literary and Cultural Studies.

What is Cultural Studies About and Why Should I Care?

African American Literature and Language. American Literature before Cultural Studies and Theory. Early British Literature. Ethnic American Literatures and Cultures.

cultural studies literary analysis

Creative Writing. Professional and Media Writing. Rhetoric and Writing. Intent to Pursue a Concentration Form. FAQ for Double Majors.

How to Focus?

The Honors Program in English. Honors Thesis Guidelines. Advising FAQ. Undergraduate Creative Writing. Writing Contests. Student Involvement. Summer in London.

Summer in Ireland.

Cultural Studies Introduction

Adventure Literature. Exploring Cape Cod. Exploring the Chesapeake Bay. Exploring the Literature of American Wilderness. FAQ for Adventure Literature. Career Enrichment Network.

cultural studies literary analysis

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