Methods of literary analysis

Literary analysis is a critical response to a literary text in the form of a critical essay or an analydis commentary. It includes a thorough interpretation of the work.

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Such analysis may be based on a variety methods of literary analysis critical approaches or movements, e. Students in this course will write a critical essay based upon four literary texts for their ISU. Archetypal criticism is a critical approach to literature that seeks to find and understand the purpose of archetypes within the literature.

methods of literary analysis

These archetypes may be themes, such as love, characterizations, such as the hero; or patterns, such as death and rebirth. Archetypal criticism draws on the works of the psychoanalyst Carl Jung, methods of literary analysis critic Northrop Frye, and others. Unlike psychoanalytic critics, archetypal critics such as Frye do not attempt to explain why the archetypes exist.

Certain themes of human life e. Practitioners of cultural criticism view a text in relation to the dominant or competing ideologies belief systems of the time and place in which the text popular mba essay writer websites usa written.

Works are therefore considered in light of their historical and cultural contexts. Feminist Criticism is literary criticism based on feminist theories. It considers texts methods of literary analysis the knowledge that societies treat men and women inequitably. Feminist criticism will analyze texts in light of patriarchal male-dominated cultural institutions, phallocentric male-centered language, masculine and feminine stereotypes, and the unequal treatment of male and female writers.

Feminist criticism developed primarily in the s and s, although it is evident in earlier works as well, for example in the works of Virginia Woolf and Mary Wollstonecraft. More recent feminist and gender studies investigate social constructions related to gender as they appear in the literature.

Based on the writings of Karl Marx this school of thought contends that history and culture is largely a methods of literary analysis between methods of literary analysis classes, and literature is often a reflection of the attitudes and interests of the dominant class.

Definition of Literary Analysis

An often-repeated statement from Marx expresses a basic idea specific to this form of criticism. New Criticism is a movement in literary literray that proposes close reading and textual analysis of the text itself.

methods of literary analysis

The movement is also referred to as formalism or structuralism. New Historicism is a range of critical practices that methods of literary analysis works methods of literary analysis their cultural and historical contexts.

Practitioners of the critical movement developed it by examining a wide range of texts such as newspapers, advertisements, popular music, historical accounts, poetry, novels, and diaries. Practitioners believe that works cannot be viewed in isolation from history and culture.

A reading of a work must take into account its intention, genre, and historical situation.

What is a text?

Post-structuralism refers to a critical approach to language, literature, and culture that litwrary or criticizes structuralism.

Like structuralists, post-structuralists rely on close readings of texts; however, post-structuralists believe that methods of literary analysis is inherently unstable in meaning and the meaning of the texts is ultimately indecipherable.

Psychoanalytic criticism is literary criticism grounded in the ,iterary theory of the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud High school testing coordinator resume last approach involves examining the text for symbols and psychological complexes. When analyzing a text, from which a methods of literary analysis will write a major paper, it is advised that the student should first focus on the elements of a story: plot, setting, atmosphere, mood, character, theme and title.

methods of literary analysis

The next logical approach is to methods of literary analysis at literaary language devices and patterns and form of the text structure. Type of essay: Narrative To entertain, illuminate, or tell a story Argumentative To convince…. Allegory: Hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

What is a Literary Analysis

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