Promoting good health coursework ao2

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With attention to the field of public goood ethics growing, significant time has been devoted to identifying a sound ethical justification for paternalistic interventions that override promoting good health coursework ao2 autonomy to prevent people from adopting unhealthy behaviors.

Efforts focused on specifying the conditions that warrant paternalism, however, are largely misplaced.

promoting good health coursework ao2

On empirical and ethical grounds, public health should seek instead to expand individual autonomy to improve population health. To promote autonomy, the field should redirect current efforts toward clarifying principles of justice.

promoting good health coursework ao2

I present recommendations for initiating this process. Whereas medicine focuses on individual health, public health is concerned with the health of the entire population. Thus, in contrast to the primary fiduciary duty to the individual patient found in clinical medicine, public health ethics is founded on a societal responsibility to protect and promote the health of the population as a promoting good health coursework ao2.

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The considerable attention paid to identifying plausible justifications for restricting individual autonomy to change unhealthy behaviors is largely misguided. This focus fails to give sufficient weight to the shift from infectious to chronic diseases as the leading causes of morbidity and mortality.

promoting good health coursework ao2

In light of this shift, public health would be better served by seeking to expand autonomy through promoting justice. Although the call for social justice is frequently voiced in public health, it is critically important for the field to address major differences in promoting good health coursework ao2 of justice found among the general public. The issues of promoting autonomy and clarifying principles of justice promotinh significant for several reasons.

promoting good health coursework ao2

Undue attention to justifying interventions designed to limit and control unhealthy behaviors distracts attention from potentially more fruitful strategies.]