Rhetorical analysis essay i want a wife

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Diane Ackerman's 'Why I Want A Wife'

The idea of feminism came to life during this time as woman demanded to be treated equally to their male ana,ysis. These times led way to woman moving to the forefront of society as they began to leave behind rhetorical analysis essay i want a wife traditional lives to take part in things such as college, ancient history term paper ideas work force, and establishing successful careers.

Brady uses the rhetorical strategy of satire throughout her essay as a way to rrhetorical her criticism of the jobs a typical housewife had in the midth century.

rhetorical analysis essay i want a wife

Brady truly begins her essay within the third passage, writing about the wife she would like to have. She states:. I esay a wife who will work and send me to school.

rhetorical analysis essay i want a wife

And while I am going to school Rhetorical analysis essay i want a wife want a wife to take care of my children. I want a wife who takes thetorical of the children when they rhetorical analysis essay i want a wife sick, a wife who arranges to be around when the children need special care, because, of course, Write a file over ssh cannot miss classes at school.

My wife must arrange to lose time at work and not lose the job. Here, Brady depicts analysia perfect wife as someone who will work while sending her husband to school, and will take care of rhetorical analysis essay layout kids while maintaining a job.

The importance of this passage is that Anwlysis uses satire as a way to ridicule the unrealistic expectations that men have of the wives. Blatantly, and rightfully without discern for manners, she calls upon an example so far-fetched and the complete opposite of fair, with the purpose of humoring the audience in order for them to realize how absurd the expectations placed upon wives during this era are.

In addition, this specific example clearly exemplifies the how the relationship between ruetorical and wife operated in the midth century, as it was acceptable for the men to further their careers at the complete expense of their wives.

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While rhetorixal first half of this excerpt may seem somewhat normal for a greedy husband in any time period, the ending during which Brady says that her perfect wife would not desire any sexual fulfillment herself, is where she strikes at her point.

Using satire, she states the obvious societal expectations that are set upon a wife, but within the lines she criticizes the stupidity of those expectations through the use of irony. Brady means to rhetorical analysis essay i want a wife out how ironic it is of men rehtorical see themselves as sexually dominant and above women, are unable and unwilling to reciprocate any loving feelings onto their wives.]

rhetorical analysis essay i want a wife