Write a frago

Post a Comment. When a Staff Weenie loses it; he loses it. One exercise too much methinks.

write a frago

You are given the Direction and Guidance to write it, "quick and dirty" which you take to mean as quickly and efficiently as writing an autobiographical essay. Concept of Operations: 1 Commander's Intent: a Staff Officer writes, or if possible passes off to your colleague the responsibility of writing, this FRAGO in order to maintain the security of leisure time in the coffee bar.

Write the FRAGO or better write a frago, pass it off to your colleague write a frago you don't have to do it immediately and get it over with! You guys are your own CC???

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Thanks for feeding us. How the hell are we going to use this? J5 Plans has spent countless hours on this we still don't know. Hat tip NATO spy. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Write a frago Atom. CDR Salamander View my complete profile.

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write a frago

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write a frago

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write a frago

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