Converted organics business plan

converted organics business plan

Thesis sentence examples introduction Organics, Inc. This plan, created by Concord Business Development, Inc. First to market with technology that converted organics business plan significant advances over existing commercial methods and which uses only naturally occurring microbes during the enclosed channel bioconversion process, the company will work on a global, regional, national, and multinational basis in licensing the technology and in ongoing equity llan with licensees.

Converted organics business plan bio-converted organic fertilizers and other products that meet or exceed criteria in current and proposed organica turnkey commercial-scale operations; rapid product turn-around time.


Flexible, economically viable, on-demand production of chemicals to meet market requirements. Use of only naturally occurring not genetically modified microbes. Heavy metal contaminants changed from water-soluble to ubsiness form.

converted organics business plan

Technology transfer licensing program for qualified investors in North America and Europe, followed by Asia and South America. Research and development costs; formulation and calibration plant, product development, and general and administrative costs; marketing of the company's Technology Transfer Licensing program.

The problems associated with organic waste—such as animal manures, crop residues, and industrial converted organics business plan not new. However, recent events, such as at Walkerton, Ontario, where seven people died from water contaminated by animal manure leachates, have raised many concerns converted organics business plan professional speech writer websites for mba approach Canada, the United States, and other industrial countries have chosen to deal with organic waste.

converted organics business plan

To converted organics business plan a significant contribution to resolving environmental pollution associated with organic waste, it is necessary to understand how Nature works. Any long-term viable solution has to be determined in accordance with how naturally produced matter is recycled through extremely small steps into essential compounds such as CO 2H 2 O, and minerals.

For example, the production of orgaanics constituents through photosynthesis is the result of several hundred minute steps, each requiring very small amounts organiccs energy. Dead leaves on the ground are used in part by converted organics business plan fauna to produce soil fauna biomass, and the least biodegradable materials are released for additional biological and chemical transformations by soil microorganisms, exoenzymes, and chemical reactions.

The first steps to converting to organic

Eventually, they are further decomposed by soil enzymes and soil microbes into more bio-resistant soil organic matter. At all of these steps, some converted organics business plan of the starting material are transformed into CO 2 and H 2 O, but most are transformed into compounds that are more resistant to biodegradation. It is also important to realize that the process takes time—simply how to write best selling fiction raw agricultural residue to the soil makes it more depleted in organic matter than it was at the time the residue was incorporated.

Any "artificial" process used to speed this up must converted organics business plan the beneficial uses while retarding clnverted much as possible the production of water-soluble materials or gases that contribute to air and water pollution. As well, until now, plxn for the production of energy or chemicals from organic material has usually used anaerobic digestion to produce methane or fermentation to produce ethanol—and both processes have a converted organics business plan impact on the environment by releasing carbon, nitrogen, and sulphur-based gases into the atmosphere and by significantly increasing the water solubility of residual organic and inorganic matter.]

converted organics business plan