Goat ranching business plan

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goat ranching business plan

Adding a dairy goat farming business plan to your homestead goals takes careful thought and preparation. In addition to purchasing the necessary livestock, dairy goat supplies must be purchased and the facility readied.

goat ranching business plan

Take a look at some ideas that goat ranching business plan get you on a successful path to a dairy goat farming business plan. One of the first questions is why choose goats or sheep for a dairy over the more traditional dairy cow operation? Goat milk is higher in calcium and healthy fat, giving it more nutritional bang per gallon.

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Goat milk is not as widely accepted in the United States, as cow milk, but the rest of the world has been largely drinking goat milk for hundreds of years. Goat milk is easily digested, even by people with lactose intolerance. The reason for this has to do with goat ranching business plan protein structure of the milk compared to cow milk.

goat ranching business plan

Goat milk is also lower in cholesterol. All goats share certain characteristics, no matter if they are kept for meat, breeding, milk, fiber or pets.

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Goats do not like being alone. Plan to have at least two goats. If you only want one goat for milk, keeping a neutered male goat wether is a good option. All goats will produce milk after giving birth.


Certain breeds of goats are better milk producers. These breeds are often sought out when writing up a dairy goat farming business goat ranching business plan. Good genetics and breeding play a big part in the performance of any breed.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are smaller and yet an excellent producer of high-quality gaot.

Make Sure You've Got the Right Dairy Goat Supplies to Get Started

Often a smaller goat breed such as the Nigerian Dwarf is exactly what a family will look for when organizing a dairy goat farming business plan. Saanens originated in Switzerland.

They are one of the larger dairy goat breeds. Their milk production is high and the goat ranching business plan content is on the lower end of the goat milk spectrum. Businness goats are all white or cream colored.]