Sample business plan for a tanning salon

With a little marketing talent and some creativity, you can make your salon into a profitable business.

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Tanning salons offer a variety of services, including do my finance dissertation tanning and spray tanning. Salons typically offer tanning services by appointment, samole some may take walk-ins. Some salons sell more than just tanning services and may offer accessories like sunglasses, skin care products, and even bathing suits.

Tanning salons often depend on repeat business throughout the season, so establishing relationships and positive experiences for customers is important.

Executive Summary

The tanning salon industry has undergone steady growth during the past five years. As the number of salons has increased, industry employment has also grown, and tannjng 59, people are employed within the tanning industry. No companies have major market shares in the United States.

sample business plan for a tanning salon

As more people are employed in better-paying positions, they have more disposable income and coach taylor thesis to spend that income on luxury products and services, like tanning. While tanning use has increased, the tanning sqmple does face a sample business plan for a tanning salon from regulatory groups like the Food and Drug Administration. These groups are working to increase public education about the dangers of indoor tanning.

This increased education can cause customers to be concerned about indoor tanning and even avoid it entirely.

How to Open a Tanning Salon

Tanning salons will need to be able to evolve with customer demands for safer tanning options, like spray tanning. According to Ist Magazine, the tanning industry is becoming more focused on providing customers with an experience than simply providing a service. Besides using the latest tanning beds with the best technology, planmagic resort hotel business plan need to offer more customized experiences to customers.

This can involve everything from providing different skin care choices, a selection of UV light options tailored to sample business plan for a tanning salon customer, and even different music selections.

sample business plan for a tanning salon

When salons can give customers a positive experience, customers are more likely to see the brand in a positive light and return again for future tanning sessions.

Artesian Tan also predicts that spray tanning will continue to grow in popularityand social media will play an important role.

sample business plan for a tanning salon

Because social media allows people to engage directly with brands and post photos showing off the results of a salon visit, salons will need to master their social media marketing and encourage customers to post about the brand on social media.

In most instances, tanning salons target adult women who value their appearance and who have enough disposable income to afford tanning services.]