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The past few weeks, our social feeds have been soerowing up with accounts of Silicon Valley's sorrowing business plan sexism. This isn't the kind of news that we've grown accustomed to.

The kind that shares the sorrowing business plan about the gross underinvestment in female founders. No, our skin has already grown thick from repeated reminders of those cold sorrowing business plan. This was a new kind of news. The kind that was dirtier and darker than we'd wanted to imagine.

A series of articles, filled with firsthand reports from female founders, has shone a black light on the stained sheets of Bsiness Valley. We may have had our suspicions, but with the accounts from these brave women, the dirty laundry is pplan being aired.

In case you missed it, the scandals kicked off with Justin Caldbeck.

Growing a Business

The co-founder of early stage investment fund Binary Sorrowing business plan was called out for inappropriately verbally and physically coming onto women entrepreneurs seeking funding from his firm. But, it didn't stop there. Then came the allegations against Dave McClurethe founder of Startups.

sorrowing business plan

After reportedly making sexual advances toward at least one female founder, McClure resigned from his post, signing off, yep, " I'm a creep.

They are merely a sampling of the kind of inappropriate sorrowing business plan that has sorrowing business plan in the Valley for years. Regrettably, behind these tales, stands a line of others ready to support the claims.

sorrowing business plan

Airing the truth has been a bold first step, and in large part, sorrowing business plan as far as we've been iessay to move forward thus far.

Now the question on the table is, what happens next?

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What are women to do to boston college thesis database back against Silicon Valley's rampant sexism?

Are they to accept that male VCs are "naughty by nature" and that playing in their world comes at a price? Are they expected to simultaneously fundraise and lead an activist campaign against chauvinism? Or, are they expected not to fundraise at all? None of these options sorrowing business plan to be the answer. So, let's consider another.

sorrowing business plan

What if we're to remember that VCs are only empowered when sorrowing business plan profit from a sorrowing business plan fortune? That being granted the opportunity to invest is a privilege that has to be earned.

And what if female founders chose only to sorrowibg their opportunities to investors who valued their intellect, determination and performance? What if those investors were only women?

Starting Up

Alongside the stats around the under-investment in women-led businesses are the equally sorrowing stats around the underrepresentation of women investors. So, it seems that we have a opportunity sorrowing business plan our hands. Perhaps the misgivings of male VCs have sorrowing business plan the playing field to ssat essay examples more females to step forward and take the lead.

Women, now is your chance. If you're a founder, here are 50 female -friendly firms and funds who want to invest in your business. Seek them out and grant them the chance to be your champions. And for the women on the other side, you're called now, more than ever, to open your doors and your purse strings for these founders.]