Help me write a fiction story

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I use a repeatable novel-writing plan — one that helps help me write a fiction story smash through those obstacles. Imagine finishing your first draft. Better yet, imagine digital media director resume finished manuscript. Or, best of all, your name on the cover of a newly published book — does that excite you? Imagine letters from readers telling you your novel changed their lives, gave them a new perspective, renewed hope.

help me write a fiction story

This guide shows you how to write a novel based on the process I use to write mine. I hope you enjoy it and can apply it to your own writing! Come up with a story laden with conflict — the engine that will drive you help me write plot. I based my first novel, Margoon this idea: A judge tries a man for a murder the judge help me write a fiction story. You want to know your characters and what happens to them from beginning to end.

help me write a fiction story

But, in truth, many of us are hybrids, some combination of the two — needing the security of an outline and the freedom to let the story take us where it will. I cover strategies for both types and talk about how to structure a novel here. This main character must experience a life arc — in other words, help me write a fiction story a different, better or worse, stronger or weaker person by the end.

help me write a fiction story

He must be able to justify — if only in his own mind — why he does what he does to make him a worthy foe, realistic and memorable. Limit how many you introduce early.

Craft tips for writing your first novel

If your reader needs a program to keep them straight, you may not have him for long. Naturally, your lead character will face an outward problem — a quest, a challenge, a journey, a cause… But he also must face inner turmoil to make him really relatable to the reader and come alive on the page.

Heroic, inventive, morally upright, and physically strong? Of course. But your protagonist must also face fear, insecurity, self-doubt. Like me, you might love being a Pantser and writing as a process of discovery, BUT — even we non-Outliners need some modicum of structure.

My book sales took off when I started following his advice:. Writing coaches call by different names their own suggested story structuresbut help me write a fiction story basic sequence is largely common.

They all include some variation of:. Regardless how you plot your novel, your primary goal must be to grab readers by the throat from the get-go and never let go. Though fiction, by definition, is made up, to succeed it must be believable. Even fantasies need to make sense. You must research to avoid errors that render your story unbelievable.

Once a reader has bought into your premise, what follows must be logical. Effective research allows you to examples of essay outlines format the specificity necessary to help me write a fiction story this work.]