How to write a direct message

Echo Rivera and I use social media for networking

Direct messages are chats with your connections on social media. This is a Higher Education blog focused on managing your online presence. I talk about social media and websites. Plus, I talk with cool grad students, faculty, and researchers like you.

how to write a direct message

First, let me tell you a story. A while back, after I got up the courage to take my social media profiles public, I sent a direct message that completely changed the way I thought about them.

Professional contacts

My dad died before I went to college. He was in marketing, but I always thought he should have been a tutoring center business plan teacher. His flute had a reserved space in our home. He gave me a love of classical music. When I discovered electronic dance music after a creative how to write a direct message of the pianist Glenn Gould in college, it felt like contemporary fugue, themes turning on each other.

There was a DJ and music producer I had listened to more than other composers in my lifetime. One afternoon, I discovered he did all sorts of cool projects, like movie and video game scores.

how to write a direct message

Sure there are his how to write a direct message who are more into the club scene. But what about the producers, collaborators, wrlte people who want to know more about him? So I reached out via direct messaging DM on Twitter. One that expressed who he was to the audiences he most wanted to communicate to.

Instagram DM Template: The Golden Rules

It was a long-shot. I know. I reached out because I dorect, and knew I can help. I sent that direct message and felt proud of myself for reaching out.

The person I admired so much I direct messaged them to see how I could help now their goals had changed.

how to write a direct message

By then he had a completely different website and bio.]