001: “MAI / TAI” (11/20/16)

Hello and welcome to the first episode of “On The Grid,” a crossword puzzle podcast featuring Michael Sharp (@rexparker) and Lena Webb (@finitealright).

Lena and Michael, improvising … and drinking

The idea is to have fun discussing All Things Crossword—the whole of the crossword universe. From construction to editing to solving, to the broader cultural issues that the crossword engages (or ignores), we’ll cover it all. Or, we’ll cover however much we can cram into any one half hour. The show will regularly feature interviews with notable people from the wide world of crosswords, as well as a drinking segment in which we drink and learn about drinks and also drink.

Mild disclaimer: This is our first podcast endeavor. We are learning on the fly. Expect sound quality to improve quite a bit next time. Also, expect Michael to learn to say “…uh…” just slightly, slightly less often. Enjoy.

This week’s episode (001):

  • Segment 1: Interview—Erik Agard
  • Segment 2: E- (as in “electronic”) words
  • Segment 3: This week’s drink—the MAI TAI

With guest appearances by: Brayden Burroughs (@bcburroughs), Ben Smith (@BenMSmith)

Running time: 24:15


  • Erik Agard’s new puzzle collection, “AGARDE,” is available here (pay whatever you want!). Cover artist for the collection is by SOFAHOOD (@sofahood on Twitter) (Tumblr page)


  • Erik Agard’s puzzle website, “Glutton For Pun,” is here (all puzzles free)
  • Brendan Emmett Quigley & Francis Heaney’s “Drunk Crosswords” is available at Amazon, Powell’s, and wherever fine crossword books are sold, one imagines
  • The MAI / TAI recipe featured in the podcast comes from David Wondrich at Esquire.
  • Podcast intro / outro / bumper music = “Hot Lips” by Bill Brown & His Brownies (1927) (public domain)


See you next month.