002: “SLOE Gin Fizz” (2/20/17)

eeeelWe’re back! OK, so it took us three months to put Episode 002 together instead of the promised one month, but [insert excuses about our busy lives] [insert platitudes along the lines of “better late than never”]. We tried to work out some of the kinks from Episode 001—most importantly, audio quality should be greatly improved. Anyway, we hope you like it. We’ll be taping Episode 003 very soon—next month, the weekend of March 18, when Lena returns to visit me in upstate New York and we head up to the Finger Lakes Crossword Competition in Ithaca. Gonna try to record and edit Episode 003 in one longish weekend and get it out shortly thereafter.

Oh, also: We’re On iTunes Now, woo hoo! You can get there from here, or just search “on the grid podcast” in iTunes (ours is the “On the Grid” that is not about design or the greater Phoenix area).

In this episode we focus on one of the crossword’s most important fruits: no, not the BOSC. It’s the SLOE! Specifically, we make and drink and talk about SLOE gin fizzes. Then we do a deep dive into all things EEL—a common crossword answer with a sizable associated vocabulary that you should know. We make and eat UNADON and tell you far more than you ever wanted to know about our slippery fish friends.

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  1. Our soundman/engineer is Brayden Burroughs—the one or two times you hear a third voice on the podcast, it’s his.
  2. Rex Parker’s write-up of the NYT “Crick & Watson” / DNA puzzle (published 1/11/17)
  3. Will Nediger’s “Bases Loaded” crossword (published 1/12/17)
  4. Information on the Fifth Annual Finger Lakes Crossword Competition (Sat., 3/18/17)
  5. Amazon link for Erik Agard’s “Food For Thought” crossword collection (Puzzlewright, 2017)



Michael (aka Rex)